Join us on Tues 19 Feb 6pm at the Library Lab for this exclusive free workshop for women:

Learn how to build rapport, win trust and exert influence, working with former Scotland Yard hostage negotiator Richard Mullender

Hostage Negotiators are an elite. They live and breathe communication at the sharp end – whether it’s engaging the attention of a gunman, securing the release of an international kidnap victim or talking a would-be suicide off a rooftop. They are true Masters of the art of building rapport, gaining trust, exerting influence…

This intensive and highly interactive event will give you practical communication tools and strategies that will help you to:

  • Handle difficult conversation with confidence and assurance
  • Put an end to ‘awkward conversations’ at networking events
  • Take your assertiveness skills to a new level
  • Persuade with greater power than you ever thought possible

This unique workshop is led by Richard Mullender, former Lead Trainer at the Scotland Yard National Crisis & Hostage Negotiation Unit. Richard is an expert in elite-level listening skills – with a lifetime’s experience tackling communication challenges at the sharp end. He has trained staff at the Metropolitan Police, the United Nations and the FBI as well as corporate sector clients such as Oracle, Accor Hotels and the BNP Paribas, helping them to develop their listening skills and use of language to build rapport, establish trust and exert influence in the workplace.

This workshop uses the ‘Trade School’ format, an open learning space that runs on barter. Pay for class with a barter item (like food, supplies, or advice), you can choose your item when you register.