The Circle is the creation of mother and daughter team Mina and Maryam. We work to help create a world where women no longer face economic and social obstacles in their life due to their gender or circumstance.

Having lived in six countries spanning four continents we have seen first-hand the motivation and resourcefulness of women. The Circle works to empower and support women who are committed and motivated to transform their lives. Our work focuses on two main services:

1. Knowledge and Confidence workshops (find out more)

2. Free clothing for interviews, work placements and new jobs (find out more)

All of our projected as based on three core values:

  1. All women, regardless of background, gender or sexual identity, income or education should have access to the help their need to transform their careers and life
  2. Our projects are based on direct feedback form the women we work with and are designed to fit their lives
  3. Women from all parts of society who are committed to transforming their lives are invited to become part of the circle.

Please note, we are a trans* inclusive service.